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We have been providing an effective system power flushing service for our Cheltenham customers since we started trading back in 1999. As such, we are a well established and respected system power flushing company in the area, with much to offer. This is what you can expect from us:

Heating System Analysis

Before we begin flushing out your system, we like to give it a brief inspection to make sure nothing else is causing the problem. Leaking pipes and air in the system can sometimes produce similar symptoms, so it is best to check for these and other possible reasons before committing ourselves.

Flushing the system

We hook up our system power flushing equipment and send water through your system at high speed, but low pressure to dislodge the sludge and sediment. It normally takes a few passes in both directions to properly clean it out, which can take a couple of hours to complete.


Once the system is flushed out, we apply a chemical neutraliser to the water and use it to rinse out the system. This neutraliser ensures that the interiors of your radiators and pipework are not too acidic, as this can cause interior corrosion, resulting in leaks and bursts over time.

Cleaning up

System power flushing is time and labour intensive, but it’s something that needs doing. After the job is done, our team of professional engineers will make sure that all the parts of your central heating system are put back together and your home left the way we found it.

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Plumb Excel Ltd is based in Cheltenham and our experienced plumbers travel across Gloucestershire, performing system power flushing services for our valued customers taking in much of the county. 

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